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The builder's complete assistant, or, A library of arts and sciences, absolutely necessary to be understood by builders and workmen in general : viz. I. Arithmetick, vulgar and decimal, in whole numbers and fractions. II. Geometry, lineal, superficial, and solid. III. Architecture, universal. IV. Mensuration. V. Plain trigonometry. VI. Surveying of land, &c. VII. Mechanick powers. VIII. Hydrostaticks : illustrated by above thirteen hundred examples of lines, superficies, solids, mouldings, pedestals, columns, pilasters, entablatures, pediments, imposts, block cornices, rustick quoins, frontispieces, arcades, porticos, &c. : proportioned by modules and minutes, according to Andrea Palladio, and by equal parts : likewise great varieties of trussed roofs, timber bridges, centerings, arches, groins, twisted rails, compartments, obelisks, vases, pedestals for bustos, sun-dials, fonts, &c. and methods for raising heavy bodies by the force of levers, pulleys, axes in peritrochio, screws, and wedges, as also water, by the common pump, crane, etc. : wherein the properties, and pressure of the air on water, &c. are explained : the whole exemplified by 77 large quarto copper-plates

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